About me

I've been doing digital professionally for more than 15 years. For 11 years as the employee and now as a freelancer/external consultant. I am based in Prague but working anywhere.

Below you can see my former employers.


B2B eCommerce

& salesforce motiv.

In Dell I was responsible for overall online business strategy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our B2B eshop was maintained in India who reported for CZ/SK to me. My main KPI was ePenetration ( = split of online orders against all the orders through salesforce).


Develoment of digital products

In the main Czech eRecruitment company LMC (jobs.cz, prace.cz) I was responsible for the development and optimization of online HR application LMC G2 incl. business models setup or salesforce motivation and clients' trainings. I was a project lead of IT developers.

stažený soubor.png

B2C eCommerce

and Digital MKT

I spent to different periods in Tchibo:
Responsibility for performance activities of Tchibo.cz eshop and overall results of Tchibo.sk.
And as a second I was responsible for CRM and all the non-performance digital activities in both countries incl. establishment of TchiboBlog.cz.

Since November 2016 I am a freelancer...