My services

Marketing communication strategy

I am creating strategies for communication. That includes audit of the currect communication incl. website (eshop) platforms - from User eXperience point of view and also from backend (tracking codes, XML feeds etc.) point of view. A Brand has to act meaningfully and consistently. Each communication channel has its clear role and it is evaluated based on it accordingly. I propose budget for media investments.

Communication supervision and optimization

I invent, approve or optimize communication, whether it is a small leaflet in the mailbox or a large banner campaign - both in terms of aesthetics and content (texts, graphics). I evaluate the activities and together with the client we try to improve them or even invent new ones. I am creating and sending regular monthly reports.

Analytics, CRM and budget optimization

Without detailed measurements decisions are difficult to make, so let's analyze everything that's possible. And there is a plenty in digital world. I help with the implementation of web analytics and advertising tools or with the right choice for CRM tool. Based on all this data we optimize activities and make the most of the budget.

Social media and PPC campaigns management

For some clients I manage social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) or PPC campaigns (Google Ads, Sklik, Facebook / Instagram ads). It is not a service I offer separately - just in case of our complex cooperation (it does not make sense to me to set up PPC but not to discuss the overall strategy with the client - I wouldn't enjoy our cooperation).

Websites and eshops creation

From time to time I satisfy my "creative Martin" by creating websites and e-shops. Very good knowledge of the client (positioning, target group, portfolio, benefits, etc.) is required otherwise the website will not be good. Therefore do not expect it will be simple. I only work with the following platforms: WIX for websites and SHOPTET for e-shops. Here is a list of websites I created.

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